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Download Page
The following are the latest available zip files for CrgSim. To download a PDF file right click on the blue file name and then select "Save Link As..."

crgsim-0.085.zip CrgSim Latest Version (3 Nov. 2017)
CrgMapPak1.zip CrgSim Map Pak 1 (Parts of Canada, U.S., Central America)
CrgMapPak2.zip CrgSim Map Pak 2 (Mainly Australia and New Zealand)
CrgMapPak3.zip CrgSim Map Pak 3 (Most of Europe to Western Russia)
TorontoMaps.zip Toronto Area Maps
Indonesia Maps.zip Indonesia Maps
AirportMaps.zip Airport Close Up maps (Detailed Maps for about 15 Airports)
CrgSim Documents French Translations.zip CrgSim Documentation - French Translations Courtesy of
Jean-Hugues Ancelin
CrgSim Installation Guide.pdf CrgSim Documentation (included in the main distribution)
CrgSim Maps.pdf CrgSim Maps Guide
Application Note - Sounds Application Note - Sounds

Find a bug? Requesting a feature? Want to be on the early delivery list for beta testing? Or just want to say hello? Contact us at sim30@crgsim.com

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